“CrossFit, and in particular Maltese CrossFit, has been a Godsend for my family and me.  Prior to finding CrossFit I went to the gym regularly but without real purpose or direction.  As a result I was in a real rut.  It only took me a couple of months after starting to catch the vision and see the benefits that CrossFit provides.  I invited my wife and two oldest daughters to join and it has been a great way to not only spend time together but introduce them to the sport of fitness.  There is no better place to learn the proper techniques and work ethic to take care of your body.  In the 16 months or so since we started, our fitness level and strength have shot straight up.  We really enjoy the quality coaching and camaraderie that exists in the CrossFit family.  When we travel, we always try to search out a CrossFit gym and are always welcomed to grab a WOD.  I am very grateful that CrossFit found me (Thanks, Doc!)”
– Matt Young

“Being 63 years old, I have celebrated many anniversaries. An anniversary I will be celebrating this June is my second year at Maltese CrossFit.  I remember how desperate I was to find something that would give me a makeover and stop the numbers on the scale from climbing.  There were so many diets and books and gyms available, I didn’t know where to start. My son suggested I try the Maltese CrossFit gym in town. I was quite intimidated when I learned it was owned and operated by Sam Harmer, a firefighter. The first visit I was guided through burpees, situps, squats, things I hadn’t done since high school P.E. class. How that hour dragged on and when it was finally over I was dripping sweat and crawling to my car. That first month I cried all the way home after each WOD. It was hard, I hurt, I wasn’t able to do half of the movements, and I was always the last one finished. But guess what? After a few months went by my husband started to notice my transformation. I stopped crying, kept sweating, kept hurting and am still unable to do all the movements. But I absolutely love what it has done for me physically and mentally. I actually feel younger and I am more confident. I love having muscles and I love my new clothes size. I never counted on having so many new friends who care about each other and support each other but it happened. I look at CrossFit as my favorite sport. It amazes me how far I am able to push myself. My husband tells me my car smells like CrossFit. My friends at the gym said that it’s just the sweet smell of success.”
– Pam Saunders

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